About us

Founded in September 2011, SKG is a guitar company from The Netherlands.

The company offers guitars in various setups and these configurations can be determined by the customer.

We have divided our guitars in 3 categories.

1. Customshop guitars.

You can design your own model, or ask us to design a model for you the way you desire.

The choice of woods are free, just like all hardware and electronics.

2. Elite Series guitars.

This is the closest step towards a full custom guitar.

We work with the models we designed, but you can change parts of the design, setup, choice of woods, color, etc, etc.

There are limits to these options, but you will have a guitar that's been made exclusively for you. Built from premium woods and set up with the utmost care.

3. Standard Series guitars.

Some of our guitars are also available for a lower price.

The idea behind SKG was and is that we want our guitars to be available for a very affordable price, but still customized to a certain extend.

The Standard Series guitars are more limited than an Elite Series guitar, but still offer a lot of options to the customer to choose from, like 2 types of woods for body and neck, fingerboards, various inlays, color and electronics.

Every guitar will be set up with the strings and tuning of your choice, so when you receive your guitar at home all you have to do is plug it in and play!

2016 will be the year that we will add a lot of new models to our collection. Both guitars and bass guitars.

Check back regularly to see our updates and new ideas as well as improvements in the possibilities we have on offer.

We would like to welcome you to our ever growing family of SKG guitarists. 

Just contact us and we will build you a guitar to be proud of.